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21 de Enero 2018
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#GuerrerosSinFronteras: How Santos' relationship with Celtic FC has helped los Guerreros connect with fans in Europe

14 de Marzo del 2017 11:52 am.

One of the many benefits to Santos' important relationship with Celtic FC is, without a doubt, being able to connect with football fans on the other side of the world, and see how they convert to fans of Los Guerreros through our special relationship.

Santos Laguna and Celtic began the relationship in 2011, and have since found creative ways through social media to connect with each other in an effort to show that there are no borders in football. It has been through this alliance that Santos has been able to attract new fans from other parts of the world, and also allow for its fans in Mexico and elsewhere to familiaraize themselves with Celtic FC, a club in the Scottish Premiership founded in 1887 with the purpose of alleviating poverty in the immigrant Irish population in the East End of Glasgow.

We invite you to know more about 35 year-old Glasgow native Allan Baxter, a fanatic for Celtic FC and Santos Laguna. A true Guerrero de Corazon living in his native city he stays up late -- Scotland is 6 hours ahead -- to watch as many games as possible, and has started a collection of Santos jerseys, showing them off on social media whenever he gets the chance.

Allan has used this connection on social media to befriend fan groups from different parts of Mexico, including those from Guerreros Nuevo Leon, a Santos Laguna fan group actively involved in the community and believe 100% in Santos' mantra: Winning by Serving is the Only Option.

We interviewed Allan for all our fans in the Laguna region and across borders to know a little more about how he fell in love with Santos.

How did you become a Santos fan?
I became a fan when I knew about the relationship between the two teams. I asked someone how to get the jersey because Santos has the same colours as Celtic.  Ever since then, my dream has been to go to Mexico one day. People say Torreón is a very nice place.  

What was the first ever Santos game you watched?
It was a while ago, against Club America. Oribe Peralta scored.

What are your favorite things about Santos?
The fans of Santos are amazing. I have seen pictures of the old and new stadium (and I like them), and the relationship Santos has with Celtic. Both clubs are so interested and focused on charity;  Celtic does a lot of charity activities to help a lot of people, and Santos does the same.

I watch Santos games online depending on the time difference, because Scotland is six hours ahead, so when games were at 9:30pm on Friday, it would be 3:30 am here. It's easier now.  I've got a few Santos jerseys, and I really want the new 3rd jersey.

Do you have any favorite players, past and current, of Santos?
Oribe Peralta. I like Jonathan Rodriguez;  I think he will score a lot of goals. Santos are a good young team.

Anything else to add?
It would be great to see a friendly match between Celtic and Santos.