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19 de Noviembre 2017
18:30 HRS.
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Santos partners with Emoji in annual toy drive

09 de Abril del 2017 4:56 pm.

Torreon, Coahuila, April 9, 2017 - For the 2017 edition of Guerreton, Santos Laguna thought outside the box and collaborated with one of the most recognized brands worldwide:  Emoji -  The Iconic brand. 

The idea behind this year’s collaboration was to bring awareness on a larger scale to Santos’ annual toy drive, Guerreton, where fans are invited to bring stuffed toys to the stadium for incentives in order to give those toys back to children in need around the Laguna region.

In the past five editions of Guerreton, Santos has collected 20,700 stuffed animals during halftime, where fans are invited to throw their toys onto the field to be collected by youth players in large bins. They are eventually sorted and distributed personally throughout poor communities by youth team players and members of the first team.

Emoji - The Iconic Brand CEO Marco Hüsges traveled from Germany to be present for the drive during Santos’ week 13 clash with Pachuca, and spoke to the club exclusively about why he decided to partner with a team in Mexico to give back to the community.

Hüsges, an entrepreneur,  saw an opportunity in 2013 to create a business off Emoji, trademarking use of the little expressive icons used by millions of people in communication day to day, across hundreds of platforms. An article from Forbes Magazine in 2016 describes Emoji – The Iconic Brand as a company which "seeks to transfer the digital world of emoji to the physical world by translating them into t-shirts, sweatshirts, rates, sweets, toys, beach items, a jewelry line, cosmetics and almost anything.”

"The idea came up when I was on a vacation Croatia, I had worked recently at a video game company,”  he said.   "I was on a beach with my friends and I had the idea, so I immediately took out my IPad and started researching. After two years, I was ready to pitch it to the market and in 2015, we started with 62 licensees. In 2016 we had 191."

With an initial investment of 1.5 million dollars to obtain the exclusive right to use Emoji for business, Hüsges has worked with companies and brands such as Sony, Wal Mart, Pepsi, and Nestle among others. Hüsges projects that by the end of 2017, he will have anywhere from 400-450 licensees who wish to use Emoji in their products.

With regard to his motivation to partner with Santos Laguna:

"Well, since the goal with Guerreton is to collect as much as possible, and I like interaction and people, I knew this was a perfect opportunity to get involved," he said.  "Emoji is about connecting, it's about high motivation, and it's colorful with an expressive mechanism. It connects people," he added.

Guerreton is Hüsges' first charitable project using Emoji in Mexico, after working in markets in Germany and Hong Kong, using the Emoji brand to give back to global communities.

"It's been fabulous, " he said of his experience working with Santos. "(The club is) hands on, thorough and attentive, and involved in an important cause. If all my collaborations were like this, I would be very happy."



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