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4 years under Orlegi Deportes

08 de Agosto del 2017 1:32 pm.

On August 8, 2017, Club Santos parent company Orlegi Deportes completed four years of existence with many big acheivements to show for los Guerreros in a small amount of time.

With President Alejandro Irarragorri at the helm, los Guerreros of Santos Laguna won the 2014 Apertura's Copa MX title and from there, went on to win the 2015 Liga MX Clausura title seven months later.

In July of 2015, Santos Laguna defeated Club America in Dallas, Texas to take the "Champion of Champions" trophy, where both title holders from the previous tournaments' winners were pitted against each other to see who would come out "ultimate champion" between the two.

That Winter, Santos' youth teams proved that hard work within the institution was paying off when both the U17 and U20 teams won league titles in the Apertura 2015.

Since then, eight players from Santos' youth teams have become regular key figures in the first team, three youth players have gone on to participate in both the U17 and U20 World Cup with Mexico, and Santos Laguna youth product and Torreon-native Ronaldo Cisneros was proclaimed leading scorer in the CONCACAF U20 qualifiers, where Mexico finished as top scorers. Cisneros is also a two-time goal leader within the league, having won the accolade in 2015 and 2016. During the 2017 Apertura's preseason, 13 of Santos 26 players present were youth products, proving that development from within is of the highest importance for the club and Orlegi Deportes.

Players from various levels in their respective national teams are plentiful within the club. Within these last four years, Santos Laguna has had more than 30 players in different categories - ranging from the U15 level to the first team - with Mexico, the United States, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia, and Cape Verde.

Club Santos and U.S. defender Jorge Villafaña received his first call to the U.S. national team in 2017, after joining los Guerreos in 2016, becoming one of two players with the USA the most starts in 2017.

Just this year, Santos has sent two youth products and Mexico internationals to Europe - Joao Maleck to Porto and Uriel Antuna to City Football Club.

Internationalization is another priority. Connecting with fans and media in different parts of the world is something Santos has embraced under Orlegi, having initiated a special area specifically dedicated to English language content, and special international efforts in the United States and Europe.

In the last two years, Santos has held 12 social activities across the border under its corporate responsibility program “Guerreros de Corazon,” and initiated a special social media campaign #GuerrerosSinFronteras to recognize and unite Santos fans from all areas of the world.

Without a doubt, under Orlegi Deportes, Club Santos Laguna continues to drive innovation and support of Mexican football in a forward-thinking way, having seen through many impactful and important factors within the club. In this way, Orlegi and Santos are living up to the saying "poco tiempo, mucha historia" / "little time, much history."