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25 de Febrero 2018
18:00 HRS.
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Ventura Alvarado: More motivated than ever to help Santos win a title

01 de Septiembre del 2017 8:10 pm.

Having recently come back from a six-month recovery period, defender Ventura Alvarado is more motivated than ever to help los Guerreros add another title to the arsenal.

Alvarado, who has 13 appearances for the U.S. national team since March 2015, has played seven games in the 2017 Apertura for Santos since returning from injury: a 1-1 draw vs. Chivas and a historic 2-1 win vs. Leon in Guanajuato,  two 2-0 wins in Copa MX at Estadio Corona vs. Chivas and FC Juarez; and threee games with the U-20: a draw and two victories. 

He spoke to the club after training on Friday afternoon, a day before Santos' game in Tampico against TM Futbol Club during the international break. The 25 year old Mexican American says he's happy at Santos, with the team, and has only two goals in mind: returning to the U.S. national team and helping  los Guerreros win a title. 

"I feel real good, happy, comfortable," he said. "People here treat me well. Sometimes when you less expect it you're going to play so I need to be ready all the time. I feel good."

On his recent performances with the team against Chivas and Leon: 

"I think I helped the team to play a different way, to create a different type of pressure. I had a couple good plays. I have some things I can improve. It's important for me to want to help my teammates."

On his future with the U.S. national team:

"My main goal is to play and get back with the U.S.  I want to get a call and start over again, do better this time. (To do that), I need to keep it up; I think I've been doing good things here. I can't do any less. I need to keep adding minutes and do good defensive work."

On his goals with Santos Laguna: 

"I still want to be champion with Santos. I like pushing myself to the max. I'm not thinking about making semifinals, for example. I want to live that mentality every day, think about passing through to the liguilla and making the final. My mindset is focused on playing more and being champion.

Playing more has motivated me. Doing the right things, playing well, I'm hoping for the opportunity to go back to the USA and get a championship here. I want to help my teammates reach that, too."

On head coach Chepo de la Torreo: 

"This season we have spoken a lot with Chepo. We communicate a lot, we communicate well. We changed how we train, too. It's more intense now and I think that's fun. Chepo sits down and talks with the players, we have a lot of meetings in the lockerroom: what's missing, what do we need. When we tied and tied and lost, we needed to communicate a lot to figure out what's wrong.

These last games now we're playing better. In moments like the ones we were having you have to communicate and talk it out. That's what Chepo did with us, and does with us, and it's helping."