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25 de Febrero 2018
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Copa Orlegi: Santos and TM Futbol Club share an idol in Mexican football

02 de Septiembre del 2017 2:25 pm.

Sporting Vice President Jose Riestra gave a press conference from Torreon on Wednesday to promote the historical cup game, where he praised Benjamin Galindo and what his figure means to Mexican football. 
"It’s a great coincidence that both institutions are able to share the legend of Benjamín Galindo, who undoubtedly was an idol with Tampico, and champion as a player and coach with Santos Laguna," he began.  "I think we share a symbol of Mexican football, a benchmark who has given great satisfaction not only in the club’s he’s played with but at the national team level.
"I do not know if it can or should be compared but I think Benjamín for us is like (Jared) Borgetti, “Pony” (Ruiz),  Oswaldo (Sanchez);  great figures who have been through the club and one as a fan always wants to come back see him again in the institution. Saturday, fans will have that opportunity to have 'The Maestro' back in a place where he was important, where he has many friends, where he left great memories."
For Orlegi Sports, parent company of Santos Laguna and TM Football Club, Copa Orlegi presents a chance to showcase the enterprise's strong efforts in football. 
"I think this is a great opportunity to prove that Santos and TM Futbol Club are doing things right, Riestra added. "We want to be a benchmark in Mexican football and internationally."
Tampico features players who have won titles in the past with Santos, including Daniel "Hachita" Ludueña and Javier Orozco. 
"People in Tampico are excited and I have no doubt that they are the best fans in the Ascenso league," concluded Riestra.  "I'm sure they will make that great effort to be able to join us, see first division football, and start getting used to it. Hopefully soon we’ll have TM Futbol Club in the same league with us."