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25 de Febrero 2018
18:00 HRS.
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Santos Laguna continues donation efforts for Mexico earthquake victims

22 de Septiembre del 2017 10:30 pm.

After three days of work in the collection center installed in Territorio Santos Modelo, Club Santos send its second truck load of supplies to the state of Morelos. 

The entire first team, youth teams, women's team, coaches, Santos staff and directors spent their afternoons in Lobby Soriana receiving donations, sorting items, wrapping boxes, and carring them to load two semi-trucks full of goods and necessary supplies to those in affected areas. 

The next line of action for Club Santos Laguna is to reach a goal of one million pesos, where the club will work in conjunction with United Way of Mexico, looking to use the money to reconsruct homes and schools. 

Sporting Vice President Jose Riestra was present throughout the collection process and devoted most of his time to helping the rest of the institution.

 "I think this is an example of Mexican football, beyond criticism or not, it proves that we are a society that can work together and on common goals. When we go in the same direction the results are better.

Seeing all the people helping in the streets - not only in Mexico City, but also in Morelos, Oaxaca, Chiapas and all communities that are affected - our idea is to support all of them, taking advantage of the recent partnership with United Way of Mexico, which is dedicated to all these kinds of situations."