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Javier Cortés - We have to have the idea that we can win it all

02 de Abril del 2018 9:54 pm.

Midfielder Javier Cortés knows what kind of rival Santos will encounter when they play Necaxa on Wednesday night. 

"They are going to be at home, it's a semifinal, we play everything for everything. I's win or win for both teams." 

Cortes, normally a starter in the cup competition, offered his analysis on Santos' rival in the semifinal stage on their road to the final.

"It's going to be complicated because of the style they play. They are intense, they like to have possession of the ball at all times, and they have dynamic players." 

A tough opponent awaits but Cortes assures that the group is united and continues to work like a well-oiled machine with the end goal of winning Copa MX and the 2018 Clausura league title. 

"The team is doing well, we're working with a good energy and attitude in every training session.  We're focused and looking forward to playing on Wednesday, of course looking for nothing but the win. We have to believe we can win everything."  

"Personally, I have played a little more in Cup is very important, it is an extra motivation for me, to be able to raise my hand and be fighting for a place in the league. I'm very excited to be in the Final and why not lift the Cup. "

The 28-year-old soccer player argued that the albiverde team is working to the maximum, with the intention of recovering the leadership of the table, as far as Liga MX is concerned: "Yes we would like again to take the first place, but not we have to get so involved in that, that it was only a stumble. The truth is that we are conscious and confident that we can return to the first place.