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Nestor Araujo - I will recover and return to the Nestor who gives his all

05 de Abril del 2018 5:07 pm.

Nestor Araujo has started his road to recovery after an injury to his left knee in late March. Under the care and guidance of medical staff at the club, the central defender and Mexico international hopes to return to the field in top form in time to help los Guerreros in the 2018 Clausura Liguilla. 

 "I'm mentally very good, very strong," he told the club.  I think because I've had injuries in the past, it helps me approach this in one way or another with tranquility and patience, with the encouragement that I'll be fine."

Araujo has already begun working with specialists in Santos' applied science depatment.

I’m working on recouping my mobility and strength," he said.  "In the coming weeks I’ll try to walk more and start using the bike. After ten days I''ll be able to go to the pool, and then I can start to work on the field. That’s the plan right now for the next three weeks, and after that, rest of our plan will be elaborated. It's practically a one month plan."

He also expressed his profund gratitude for the amount of support he's received from Santos, Mexico, and football fans in general since his injury. 

I'm very grateful, very surprised, but grateful for the support I’ve had. I didn’t think so many people from all sides would be so supportive (commentators, ex-football players).  It motivates me to continue giving my all and moving forward.  I'll try hard, keep working, and be that Nestor who will give everything in every game. I will recover and return better mentally, because these are the things that strengthen me physcially to deliver what you've always seen from me."

Finally, Araujo reaffirmed his commitment to los Guerreros from his current position, and is confident that the squad has what it takes to move forward to do things well.

We have a great team, there's a lot of competitions in all positions. When a player is missing, there will always be someone who is ready and can perform. But I am with the team, supporting from the outside and obviously if I can help my teammates from where I am now, I will do it."