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Copa Santos Peñoles to kick off eighth year at TSM

10 de Abril del 2018 4:05 pm.

The Santos Peñoles Cup is not only an event of sports competition, but also of family coexistence; the philosophies of Peñoles and the albiverde institution are united, seeking the integral formation of children and young peopl

217 teams have been confirmed in 12 different categories, with more than 500 matches, around 320 in Territorio Santos Modelo. Two international squads will participate, the Houston Dynamo of the United States and the Socrates Valencia FC of Colombia.

A total of 33 teams from the Santos Peñoles Academies will participate in the 2018 edition. ? Throughout the tournament there will be views from Club Santos Laguna.

It is expected that between 12 and 13 thousand people will live this experience in Santos Model Territory and alternative locations.

The Santos Peñoles Cup was born in 2011, with the aim of integrating children and young people in an international event, focusing the competition on Territorio Santos Modelo and the Comarca Lagunera, what allows to generate an unforgettable sport and entertainment experience for all visitors.

This morning, at the Peñoles Community Center, the presentation of the 2018 edition was held, with the presence of Salvador Escobar, Commercial Director of the Orlegi Group, Antonio Baca, Link Manager of Met-Mex Peñoles, Jorge Fernández, Director Commercial and Marketing of Club Santos Laguna, and Lino Juárez, Coordinator of the Santos Peñoles Academies.

For seven years, the Santos Peñoles Cup has established itself as the most important children's and youth soccer tournament in Mexico.

The eighth edition of this contest, will be held from April 27 to May 2 of this year, in the Santista complex and alternate venues.
During the last edition, the Comarca Lagunera welcomed more than 3,500 young people between 4 and 17 years old, belonging to 220 teams. Likewise, more than 7,000 players' accompanists were present in the different venues, to add a total of 11,000 people participating in the Cup.

In the same way, more than 500 games were held, in which the effort and passion of each of the squads stood out, as well as the support and motivation of family members, friends and all the people who were part of this team. sports party.

The Santos Laguna Club is aware of its social role, which is why it seeks synergy in its vision and objectives with key allies, in this case Peñoles, which makes possible the realization of the Cup thanks to its support and sponsorship. Undoubtedly, the union of forces of two important institutions for the lagoons is fundamental in the positive transformation of our environment and the socio-economic conditions of La Laguna.